Cultural Enhancement… a.k.a. 1000 Anime Episodes in 2013

For the past five years, I’ve issued myself an annual reading challenge. 100 books, 150 books, 250 books. While this resulted in a lot of reading and a lot of good times with good books, it’s time I look in another direction for some cultural diversion. I thought about musicals, theater, movies and poetry… but honestly, I kind of just want a gritty year of kick-ass anime to entertain me.

Now that I have a tablet to travel with, and my iTouch, there’s no reason I should ever have to worry about access, which is why my Kindle was integral to my success at the reading challenges. I’d read while traveling for work or pleasure, read at the doctor’s office and so on. Now I’m going to do the same with anime.

With each series, or series of episodes I watch, I’m going to review what I’ve seen. I’m going to try series and genres I’ve never thought to try before. I’m going to rewatch some of my old favorites, too.

As I have today off (bless you, federal holidays), I’m starting with two of my older favorites (and also two of my very early first series): GetBackers and Pretear.

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