Why we need more hippies in IT…

I’m going to start by letting you know I’m writing this while watching Robot Chicken, because Cartoon Network makes any day better. If the current view doesn’t do it, wait fifteen minutes and something new will completely distract you. Bad for children with ADHD but great for adult women with ADHD and corporate IT jobs. It’s either that or break out the organic corn-free energy drinks, because apparently being allergic to corn means you’re allergic to AMERICA as well.

I’m a Gen X brat. I have an amazing career, a wonderful husband and an amazing circle of family and friends. My hobbies range from spinning wool to watching anime, and a million other things. Right now, my biggest hobby is hunting the corn still left in my diet and purging it out.

So my late night IT implementation windows have changed from a pizza and soda bonanza to hauling around bags of fruit, vegetables and homemade meals. I show up with a canvas grocery bag full of things that don’t in any way resemble the normal IT person’s stash of junk food.

Luckily for me and my relationships with my co-workers, I have high-end taste in produce and am always willing to share. So they keep the corn away from me, and I get some vitamins into their diet and they don’t die of scurvy. Don’t give me that look, have you seen a room full of .NET programmers or Oracle DBAs at 3:00AM? The risk of scurvy is high. I can practically see it hovering over them like the grim scurvy reaper.

It’s either the reaper or the Q/A guy looking for documentation. The look and feel of both is identical. Which is why we need more hippies in IT, clearly. You can sign up under “Computer Science” when you enroll in college. I recommend it because we need hippies. I need hippies. WHERE ARE ALL THE HIPPIES IN IT?!?!

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