Anime Challenge: Prétear Episodes 1-6

Pretear_1I’m starting out my 2013 Anime Challenge with Prétear. Or if you like spoilers, Prétear.

Premise: Himeno Awayuki is a sixteen year old girl who is adjusting to a new step-family after her father remarries. Struggling to fit in with the new family she finds herself on the outside, looking in, and very lonely. Suddenly seven guys, Leafe Knights appear on the scene revealing that she possesses a special magical power, and is the Prétear. From there it’s a lot of demon larvae fighting and some emotional drama, with a hint of romance winding through all of it.

After the first six episodes, I realized I really need to be noting down all the questions I blurt out along the way. And so, here you go. Sonya’s random notes on Prétear, episodes 1-6:

  • Who the hell starts off their day spreading powdered shit over the garden and then hops right into breakfast without a serious wash? Ew.
  • There’s a lot of pink hair in this anime.
  • Oh look! Pretty boys.
  • I always love it when a girl knocks a man on his ass after he insults her.
  • There’s something downright pervy about merging with a man where you get all naked and shit. Shouldn’t there be coffee or cocktails first?.
  • Again with the merging and pervy feel, but with little boys, and no coffee or cocktails, because NO ONE likes a pre-teen or younger kid on caffeine and you go to jail for the liquor part.
  • BAD TOUCH! BAD TOUCH! THIS IS MY PERSONAL SPACE! Oh Himeno, I love your reactions to Sasame and his failure to respect personal space
  • Hayate is clearly falling into a domestic abuse situation. Poor guy. Someday, some therapist will show him that hitting != love.
  • Like a werewolf, he cries tears of solitude on the night of a full moon! – Clearly Yayoi was channeling Stephenie Meyer before she could even channel herself!
  • Mayune sure gets covered in food product a lot. I wonder if her skin dries out from all the showers? I mean seriously. Mayo. Honey. It goes on and on.
  • What the fuck does ice skating have to do with fighting demons?
  • If you don’t want Himeno to get hurt, don’t fucking leave her alone on a bridge in the dark surrounded by demons, you asshat, Hayate.
  • Yes, because everyone goes around being kissed by evil black shadow thingies wearing ugly lipstick.
  • What the fuck is a squid ink taco?
  • Okay, seriously, Prét-ing looks a fuck ton like sex.

Commentary aside, this is old-school anime love for me. It’s one of the first series I ever watched, almost 10 years ago now. It’s one of the first shojo series I was ever exposed to, and so I kind of love it like I love air. I just can’t take it very seriously.

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