Anime Challenge: Prétear Episodes 7-13 (Complete)

Pretear_1I’m starting out my 2013 Anime Challenge with  Prétear.

Premise: Himeno Awayuki is a sixteen year old girl who is adjusting to a new step-family after her father remarried. Struggling to fit in with the new family she finds herself on the outside, looking in, and very lonely. Suddenly seven guys, Leafe Knights appear on the scene revealing that she possesses a special magical power, and is the Prétear. From there it’s a lot of demon larvae fighting and some emotional drama, with a hint of romance winding through all of it.

Conclusion: I actually really enjoyed the series, even though I was re-watching it. It was one of my earliest series but for all that it’s short and a little goofy, there’s a lot of emotion wound throughout the story. It touches on loneliness, fitting in, familial and romantic love and the way life itself is both a good and a painful thing.

Notes (my random thoughts while watching):

  • Where the sin I committed sleeps… really?
  • Oh love, why are you so eternally wangsty?
  • Why does Kei look so much like a girl? Seriously, he wears heels. It’s so 2013 and ahead of its time!
  • Where the hell did all this wangst come from? Do I fight? Can I do it? WTF?
  • This demon looks like a carousel.
  • If someone replaced the seat of my chair with paper, I’d punch them in the face.
  • Now I know where Ghost Hunters went wrong. They don’t use costumes when ghost hunting.
  • I want a bunny suit!
  • Sasame looks so sad… people who give advice over the radio should be able to see how depressed they are.
  • OMG this maid is some twisted shit.
  • Sasame! YOU BITCH! NEVER turn your back on your friends for anyone! Bros before hoes!
  • I want men to build me my own nature hut.
  • Jesus you’re stupid, Sasame.
  • Don’t fall for that!
  • Well fuck, he fell for it.
  • Okay maybe it’s just me, but if someone says they’ll love you if you kill your friend, wouldn’t that stop and make you think a bit?
  • …apparently not so much.
  • If my child vanished overnight I would tear the earth apart to find her… not order a thousand more posters and go back to work.
  • Awwww… a little romance to balance out the angst!
  • If I was missing one daughter and another had locked herself in her room for days, those doors would be coming off the door frame.
  • You know what throws a romantic scene off? Subtitles to the background  music.
  • Poor Mawata. Her mother is an asshole.
  • Sasame needs a pistol-whipping.
  • Mawata needs Prozac.
  • Nothing brings a family together like the end of the world.
  • If Himeno and Hayate pret every time they touch hands, that’s gonna make sex and snuggling a little fucked up. “Oh, let’s hold hands!” “Oh fuck, I’m inside you.”
  • Okay, I’m totally crying during the last episode.
  • Does Himeno’s return from death at a kiss make the Leafe Knights dwarves?
  • You blush like a bitch, Hayate.

And now on to our next series. 0013/1000 watched for 2013!

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