Anime Challenge: Campione! Episodes 1-13 (Complete)

campioneSeries: Campione!

Related Manga: Campione! (ongoing)

Related Light Novel: Campione!

Platform: Crunchyroll

Episodes: 13

I had briefly glanced at this series last summer and blown it off as it seemed to fall into that mental territory of too much T&A for my tastes. I love a good fight and I love a good magical back story in anime, but I really struggle with the high volume of fan service that often comes with them.

I decided to tough it out this time and try this series out and I’m happy I did.

Godou is a high school student who’s become a god slayer/demon king/campione by slaying the God of War and absorbing his powers. He’s not the only one of his kind running around on Earth but he is the youngest. This change in status apparently requires that he be surrounded by voluptuous teenage girls who try to coach him through this change in life and the battles and prophecies that follow. Normally that would be where I shake my head and walk away, because again, not a fan of the T&A show.

I kept going though, and it was worth it. Erica, the main female character, is a cunning girl who slowly but surely manipulates both Godou and everyone around him into where they need to be to win the escalating battles. While she portrays herself as head over heels in love with Godou, she’s also looking out for him, for the other girls and for the world. I won’t spoil it, but the scene where she almost dies had me ready to cry.

The other girls fall more into that general harem category of talented but not exactly slick or wise about the world. They’re still fun in their own way, however. In particular, I adore Godou’s little sister, who shows an increasing level of irritation and horror as his harem grows in size.

One of my favorite parts is that in so many series with a similar theme, you find a hero who constantly refuses to accept the situation and step up to do what needs to be done. What I liked about Godou is that while he didn’t want to fight or hurt anyone, he was always willing to step up and do his best to protect others.

I also very much enjoyed the art style, especially the magical sigils, beasts, weapons and so on. I also liked that each of the characters had a very distinctive look that, rather than being random, tied into their place in life.

The downside of the series was that it relies heavily on the viewer already knowing the back story, either from the novel or manga, and so several events are referenced in the anime that aren’t shown. I found this jarring as I hadn’t read the manga or novel first. I will definitely be taking a read through the manga at some point, as it is still an ongoing story and the anime does not cover a significant portion of the story in the manga.

Anime Challenge:  0040/1000. (Don’t worry, I’m not behind. I’ve just decided to log by series for completed anime series.)